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hàng nga

Tran Hang Nga

Student KT12DB02 - The Beauty of Friendlyness Miss Universe 2015

As the type of student who studies hard but also plays hard, must be proud and proud to say that he is a student of the SAS, because the SAS has facilitated and supported the dynamism and creativity of students. teachers with timely support jobs, not tied to any mold, guiding students to have the right view skillfully, giving students the confidence to assert themselves. From the teachers, to the brothers and sisters in the SAS, everyone is enthusiastic and friendly, ready to listen to the feedback of students, creating a very close learning environment, no distance. Just want to send a sincere thank you to the school and especially the SAS for always loving and helping us during our university years. And perhaps choosing to study at the SAS is one of the best decisions in my life. Love you forever!