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School of Advanced Study

     Formerly the “Special Training Program” was established in 2006. This is also the year the School changed into a PUPLIC UNIVERSITY. The program has been authorized by the Ministry of Education and Training to write on the diploma as ADVANCED STUDY.


Established in 1990 and became a public university in 2006, until now, Ho Chi Minh City Open University is a multidisciplinary university directly under the Ministry of Education and Training, with the task of training higher education institutions. students and postgraduates, with forms of formal training and continuing education, training of satellite sites, etc. in order to meet the diverse learning needs of society, contributing to strengthening the faculty staff. science and technology for the country.

On March 9, 2016, the Ministry of Education and Training confirmed the university’s high-quality training project in Business Administration, Finance-Banking, Accounting, Economic Law, and English Language. Open University City. Ho Chi Minh City has fully ensured the prescribed criteria and conditions for high-quality training at university level. After more than 10 years of implementation and operation, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has achieved many successes and provided high-quality human resources for businesses and financial institutions.

That success comes from the School of Advanced Study’s huge reforms and investments to improve the quality of higher education. The lectures of the SAS are doctorates and masters trained from developed countries, with high professional qualifications and extensive teaching experience. The courses are scientifically designed and highly practical, enabling students to easily adapt to today’s dynamic working environment. Students are taken to visit, study, practice. The SAS invites business directors and skilled experts to report on current issues in practice. Learning conditions with modern equipment, many exchange activities with businesses, skills topics, scientific seminars and many activities of clubs, teams, groups… have created many opportunities. for students to practice, develop soft skills and knowledge.

Moreover, with the quality of training recognized by international universities and joint training programs, students of the Faculty after finishing the first phase in Vietnam can choose to study the second phase (1 year). in Australia or the UK. The schools students can study in the second stage are: University of South Wales (UK); University of Worcester (UK); University of East London (UK); University of Southern Queensland (Australia); Or students who have graduated from high school can join the INTERNATIONAL CREDIT-TRANSFER PROGRAM with Flinders University, AU (Flinders University grants degrees) or NTERNATIONAL CREDIT-TRANSFER PROGRAM with BOND University, AU (Bonds University degrees); Saving more than 1 billion VND compared to studying abroad.

Deep major in training: International Business; Governance and innovation; Marketing; Human resources management; Administrator; Finance; Accountant; economy; Business economics; English language; Tourism Management; Big data.


The requirements for studying Phase 1 at the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City:

* Graduated from high school

*Have an IB degree with a total score of 26; or have an A-Level Certificate from the Cambridge University Examinations Center with a score of 3 (or more) with a score of C or higher for each subject; Have a score on the SAT standardized test with a score of 1100/1600 or higher.

*IELTS 4.5 or Pass the English entrance exam

– Phase 1 tuition: 19 million/semester (only for specialized subjects)

The requirements for studying Phase 2 in Australia:

* Completed Phase 1 at Ho Chi Minh City Open University.

* IELTS 6.0 (Writing and Speaking: 6.0) or 6.5 (no component score below 6.0) depending on the study program

– Phase 2 tuition (in Australia): from 250 million VND/semester

– Living expenses in Australia: 18 million VND/month.

– No financial proof required

– Scholarship of 20% and 10% of tuition fees for all students of the Flinders Program

– Free 5-10 weeks of learning English in Australia

– Free IELTS test preparation (1035 hours).

– Free study abroad consulting service & visa support.

We believes that, from the successes achieved together with the efforts to change and develop continuously, it will give students good opportunities to start a business for the future. That achievement has turned out well: nearly 90% of the students got a job within 3 months of graduating.

Admission Procedure

Method 1: Admission is based on the results of the National High School Exam in 2021.

Method 2: Admission is based on the results of the three-year high school subjects in grades 10, 11, 12.

The point level of admission registration (baseline score) is the total average score of subjects in the selection combination must reach 20.0 points or more (not including priority points).


Students participating in the School of Advanced Study (class of 2021 – 2025) have the opportunity to receive many scholarships totaling 1.1 billion VND/year.

Former name:
Ho Chi Minh City Extension Training Institute. Ho Chi Minh (since 1990)
Ho Chi Minh City Open and Semi-Public University. Ho Chi Minh (from 1993 to 2005)

Managing agency/Ministry:
Ministry of Education and Training

Room 007,  No. 97 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 028.3930.9918 

Fanpage: Khoa Đào tạo đặc biệt