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Cảm Nhận Sinh Viên

Cựu Sinh Viên

Four years of studying at the School of Advanced Study, I feel that my ability to self-study, self-study and acquire knowledge has improved and improved markedly. The curriculum is designed with a short class time, condensing the necessary knowledge, and a variety of group exercises, essays, and presentations to encourage self-study and self-study. , group meetings, self-development. Besides, scientific research competitions are held annually, with careful attention and investment from faculty leaders, giving me a very useful academic playground, and research experiences. extremely valuable.


Nguyen Phu Quy

Student QT10DB01 - Former president of ACE English Club Digital Marketing Assistant – British Vietnamese International School (BVIS)

As the type of student who studies hard but also plays hard, must be proud and proud to say that he is a student of the SAS, because the SAS has facilitated and supported the dynamism and creativity of students. teachers with timely support jobs, not tied to any mold, guiding students to have the right view skillfully, giving students the confidence to assert themselves. From the teachers, to the brothers and sisters in the SAS, everyone is enthusiastic and friendly, ready to listen to the feedback of students, creating a very close learning environment, no distance. Just want to send a sincere thank you to the school and especially the SAS for always loving and helping us during our university years. And perhaps choosing to study at the SAS is one of the best decisions in my life. Love you forever!

hàng nga

Tran Hang Nga

Student KT12DB02 - The Beauty of Friendlyness Miss Universe 2015

“Success is sharing. Success is the process of connecting people. And, succes is non-stop.”

(Excerpt from the speech of student Tran Minh Tuan in The Graduation Ceremony of the Student from School of Advanced Study)

Thank you for these years of studying at the School of Advanced Study of Ho Chi Minh City Open University. Thank you all our lectures, who have been dedicated and enthusiastic in teaching us. Thank you all staffs of School of Advanced Study for supporting us during the past 4 years of activities and studying.


Tran Minh Tuan

Sinh viên Chương trình Đào tạo Đặc biệt khóa thứ I, Chủ tịch Hội Sinh viên trường Đại học Mở TP.HCM nhiệm kỳ 2007 – 2009

It has been 3 years since I entered to the University Hall of Ho Chi Minh City Open University and came to the School of Advanced Study. I still remember the day that I received the admission brochure with the introduction program, a thought appeared in my mind at that time “Why not?”. And i have tried it, passed the exam and been here for more than 3 years with no regrets. New methods, learning conditions and extracurricular activities have helped me a lot.

“Maturity” – is what i have gained over the past 3 years, more mature than I was before, in perception and behavior.

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Tran Thi Phuong Anh

Sinh viên TN08DB1